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“He was no hero of action like Gandhi, no genius in art and thought like Goethe or Tagore. He was a little village Brahmin of Bengal, whose outer life was set in a limited frame without striking incident, outside the political and social activities of his time. But the inner life embraced the whole multiplicity of men and Gods.”

(The life of Vivekanannda : Romain Rolland)


swamiji_statueBaranagore Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama is located at the northern outskirt of Kolkata, the former capital of British India, on the bank of the sacred river ‘Bhagirathi’ (river Hooghly). Dakshineswar, the ‘Kashidham’ of Bengal adorned with the coveted temple of Bhavatarini , set up by Rani Rashmanni and famous seat of meditation of Thakur Sri Sri Ramakrishna , is to the north of this century old Ashrama. To the south is ‘Udyanbati’,the “Kalpatarukshetra”- the dwelling of last mortal days of Thakur Sri Sri Ramakrishna and “Baranagar Ramakrishna Math” the age old dwelling of the monks of Ramakrishna Mission -is to the south east of the Ashrama. At the vicinity there is “Ramakrishna Mahasmashan”, the place of funeral of Sri Ramakrishna, the “Kalpataru”.On the opposite bank of Bhagirathi there is Belur Math-the Headquarter of ‘Ramakrishna Math and Mission’. Blessed with the presence of many a great man Baranagar Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama is presently situated at 37 Gopal Lai Tagore Road, Baranagore, Kolkata -700036, West Bengal.

ROUTE DIRECTION The Ashrama is easily accessible from Shyambazar, Dum Duin, Barrackpore and Dunlop where one can avail frequent bus services to Sinthi More and from Sinthi More one can reach the Ashrama by bus, auto, rickshaw, or on foot.. From Belur one has to cross the river Hooghly and can reach the Ashrama by rickshaw or on foot.There is direct bus service from Dakshineswar to the Ashrama.